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Eight Treasures Chi Gong

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Shamantic Reiki Treatments

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Intention, Intuition, & Focused Energy

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Sacred Heights Workshops

Create your personal health plan to
empower, energize, & realign / jumpstart your abilities in:




Classes Start at $5!

Shamantic Reiki

1 hour session: $45 Sacred Heights students; $60 others

Tai Chi

1 Hour Class: $10
Advanced students option: 1 1/2 hours

Chi Gong

30 Minute Class: $5
1 Hour Class: $10

I-Ching Readings

1 hour session: $25

Sacred Heights Workshops

Kindergarten for Adults

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In Kindergarten For Adults, you are guided to “become a child with experience.” Create your personal plan to empower, energize and realign/jumpstart your abilities in health, money, and relationships. In attending this workshop, you will leave with a variety of tools and techniques in integrative health practices and energy medicine to create a personal health plan. The health plan you create will address the body, mind, and spirit on health, money, and relationships in empowering mindbody activities.

Wisdom of the Ages: Life Skills 101 For Middle School and High School

This class is for those students who wish to incorporate metaphysical principles into their lifestyle. Basics of gratitude practices and health of body, mind, and spirit practices will be taught. The goal is to have them establish a routine of bodymind practice adaptable to their age.
8 Week Session.
$10 per Hour

Certified Instructor:

Elisa K. Pokral

Elisa K. Pokral enjoys sharing cross-cultural wisdom. She has taught Tai Chi since 1995 and has taught in both Indiana and Utah. Pokral brings the Old Northern Yang Long form of Tai Chi and the “Golden Slippers” --Eight Treasures Chi Gong to Indiana from the Western U.S. As instructor of the “Eight Treasures” abilities, host of cable TV infomericals on green practices, environmental educator in the schools and community, and an example of how the “Eight Treasures” and related health practices can help you age gracefully, she encourages others to “find the secret that sits at the center” so that your energy can transform the world. Join her in invigorating exercise, dynamic relaxation, and an enhanced earth journey.

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Sacred Heights

In quiet moments, messages come, lifting us to new levels of existence-- "sacred heights." 
Let us see the sacredness in the darkness and the light by uniting the unconscious and the conscious. Sacredness is conscious living and lightness of being-- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Our most important relationship on earth is our relationship with self, for this relationship affects all others. 
Living life in line with our spirit, our core-- our soul, uncoils energies and talents that grow and burst into the light.
Earth or nature nourishes us, grounds us, and shows us the wonder of our bodies as a miniature ecosystem and interdependent universe.
Tending our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual space inside and out while keeping nature close, and the indoors environment streamlined with healthy energy, keeps us balanced.
Air breathes words of wisdom, Divine inspiration, and delight. Water cleanses and purifies and
Fire, like interests and passions alerts, birthing us to sacred heights, a connection that can influence all.

Listen to your body's messages, observe your thoughts and actions.
Walk through your life as a Sacred Journey of lessons learned and visions realized.
Invite these thoughts and visions in. Allow Divine guidance and Divine spirits to come to you. 
Mysteries abound but conscious living reveals.
Breathe, move from your core and move the thoughts and visions into reality. 
'Darkness is indeed light and stillness dancing.'

Now, raise your arms, let them rise and fall like your breath. Your life is as long and beautiful as your deepest breath. Inhale love and exhale gratitude. Know that you are a magnificent being connected with Divine light. Move from the waist and bend those knees. Reach to the heavens and the earth, stretching your spirit with lightness of being. As you connect with your soul, sweep away the unhelpful and scoop up energy from the tips of your toes to the crown of your head. Allow and guide energy to where it needs to go and be open to the magic of the universe in all things. All hurts and disappointments release as you affirm that you turn every lesson into a blessing, into the greatest teachers of them all. You affirm that you have the ability to create what you want in your life.  As you invite the power of stillness in, you train emotions to flow out of you easily and joyously. You see with your heart, your heart vibrates all your actions. As you shake all congestion and heaviness out of your sacred body, you allow blessings to flow in Divine order. Your heart and soul are now vibrating together. Know that life supports and loves you. Each moment is a moment of creation, and each moment of creation contains infinite possibilities. Continue to listen to the messages you receive. Relax and enjoy. The electricity of the Divine is within and without. M-O-V-E and be moved. Let the energy flow... Let go, and enjoy life's ride. 

There is a secret that sits in the center, in the center of your being, in the center of the universe.
It is the power of the slowing.

It is Sacred Heights

© 2015 Elisa K. Pokral